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Nikita Yampolski

Senior Product Manager (CPO / Head of Product). IPMA Certified, Product Mentor. Hands-on generalist and polymath – Helping entrepreneurs, founders and their companies to build products that win!


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Award-winning, IPMA certified hands-on Software Product Manager and Team Leader with vast Startup/Scale-up Experience.

Commercialized my first three software products at the age of 15, I offer over 20 years of product development, software engineering and project delivery, engineering, and business development experience with a focus on international IT, FinTech, Insurance/Automotive/Mobility, Software, New Media (Streaming and Broadcasting) and Telecom assignments. Certified Product Mentor.

Created and grew up award-winning (S&P, WEF, Red Herring, etc.) products, reaching over $5 billion in trade offer/value or managed assets (AuM) over $15 billion.

Hands-on experience in Lean/Agile/Scrum design-driven software development management and product innovation, leading large local, near- and off-shore teams. Strong international experience both in corporate and startup worlds, driving business and product strategy.

If you don't walk out of the office some days wondering if you're horrible at your job, you probably are.
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